One of the killer ways to promote YouTube videos for higher traffic is by being yourself. You do not have to be an expert in communications to succeed. Most top marketers are affected by a situation where videos recorded on smartphones outperform the expensive alternatives. Audiences will go out of their way to avoid fake productions.

Get Subscriptions

During the beginning or end of your video when the viewer concentration is high, ask for subscriptions. You can ask people to subscribe to your channels. You can have an icon which will automatically appear on your previous channels and videos. Subscribers will get notified on the new uploads through their email addresses. There is a strategy where YouTube channel viewers opt to subscribe to your channel when you subscribe to theirs.

Verify the Channel

When you verify your channel through your phone, many of YouTube features open up. This provides greater arrears for outreach.

Post a Video Every Day

youtube videosAnyone who posts an official video for an entire year will, in essence, have created a YouTube channel. This also applies if the production quality is weak. This might sound easy but fails to remain consistent. You do not have to post a video every day. However, you should stay consistent in your clockwork.

When starting out do not focus too much on perfection, take time to learn along the way. Pick a publishing schedule and hold onto your beliefs. The best results arise from posting consistent quality videos rather than many videos.

Add Thumbnails to Your Videos

YouTube considers the videos with custom thumbnails much better than the others. This reflected in the views received from customized videos when compared to the others. Custom thumbnails help when branding and give a more professional look.

Insert the Keyword in Your Titles

Google scans through the keyword in the titles. Try your best to have creative, catchy yet SEO friendly keywords. Type your primary keyword into Google and see what keywords pop up. From here you can use the keywords to arrive at an eye-catching title.

Add the right Keyword Tags

The best keywords can be raked from keyword tools. Rank the top competitor keywords and tags using Chrome browser plugins. Include your brand keyword, so those looking for your brand can easily discover videos.


There are those who go with fancy intros and outros to get their viewers captured. However, this can be counterproductive as many want to get straight to the point when they see a video. Have the viewer in mind and try to respect their time. So you can promote your item by having a watermark. Do not underestimate the power of branding as this is a proven method of promotion when using YouTube videos.

Remain in Touch

You can send out an E-blast to those sharing your new video. This is an excellent way of getting views on your video. Give your audience the chance to subscribe and share too. Remember, not everyone on your email list has automatically subscribed to the YouTube channel. In that respect, it is essential for you to get them there. Just asking is a start.