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The use of the social media has skyrocketed especially among teens since 20004 when Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook. Social media has grown enormously since then. You will always find people posting various items to several applications on a daily basis. Listed below are the main social media applications.


This is the most used application. It is estimated that over 71% of teens use it about 13-17 times every day. Facebook is an application which is extremely easy to use. It can be linked to other apps such as Twitter and Instagram thereby allowing the user to share his or her doings with his followers.


This is an app which allows teens to post videos and pictures. Teens enjoy using this application although it is not easy to use as compared to Facebook. About 41 % of the teens use snapchat.


This is another app which is very popular among teens. 52 % of them use it. Once you have loaded this app on your phone, you can easily snap pictures and then post them instantly. It can also be used to share pictures on twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr by just clicking a button.


Google+ app is used by people who are using Google. With Google+, the users can post content, and then share it with their friends. You can also use it to find other followers who have similar interests. Google Hangouts is another important feature of this application. Users can video conference using this application. With Google Hangouts the user can chat or video conference up to ten individuals simultaneously. 33% of teens are using Google +.


The popularity of Twitter among teens stands at 33%. With Twitter, you can connect easily to Instagram, Facebook page, and other apps. With a Twitter account, you can easily post your content daily, although most of the teens no longer post their items directly to Twitter. Twitter is the best place where you can chat or hangout with your friends via Hashtags.



Vine is a video chatting application which allows the users to send video clips. You Tube users widely use it with the aim of enticing new followers. You can easily share your videos on Twitter and Facebook using this app. Again, this is an application that connects easily with other applications. About 24 % of teens use vine.


With this app, you can post your content easily and quickly. It can connect easily with other applications such as Instagram thereby allowing the users to post their items automatically. 14 % of teens use Tumblr.